Complete a Quilt Piece at Home

Quilt SizeINSTRUCTIONS to make a quilt piece: You will need an 11.5 inch x 11.5 inch square piece of calico (heavyweight is preferable) with a 1.5 inch seam allowance. Draw in the seam allowance creating a border outline for quilt piece. If possible overlock the raw edges. If you would like me to send you a pre-cut piece, email me your address. The cost of blank cloths sent to you by mail will be met by the project, however, you are asked to cover the cost of return mail, thank-you.

  • Design your vision for our future world and the planet and using your own choice of media, reflect that vision in your cloth (eg appliqué, painting, stitching, drawing, photography, etc.)
  • Work within the border outlined.
  • Fill in the contact form and submit it or print it out for return with your quilt piece.
  • Each quilt piece will be uniquely identified and you will be sent your reference number (via your contact details) upon receipt of your piece.

On completion of your quilt piece please post it to:

Women’s Visions United

PO Box 3185 Eltham, VIC 3095 AUSTRALIA

(Please take care to protect your design)

Note: I commit to keeping your contact details confidential and private, to be used solely for the purposes of this project. Should you wish to order additional quilt cloths for your friends or groups, please email me the address details.