November 2011 – festival

Showcasing the Quilt so far at the Rotary Eltham Festival. Received warmly Рgreat response.  The local wildlife turned up as well!!

November 2011


11am on 11/11/11 at Kinglake Victoria. Did an earth healing with the Quilt next to a majestic gum that survived the 2009 bushfires. Send your love and healing to all the bushfire effected areas. Thanks Jan for joining me.

Thanks Gina and all at your meditation group for inviting me and the Quilt to your Earth Healing meditation on the evening of the 11/11/11. A very powerful night!!

July 2011

Blessings and support for us and the Quilt from Rachel Shields and Aunty Carolyn Briggs during a regular Goddess Within support meeting. It was a joy to receive their wisdom and sharing. (Rachel Shields is a travelling story teller, singer and songwriter. She fuses her indigenous culture and spirituality in her sharing.)
(Aunty Carolyn is a Boonwurrung elder from Victoria and keeper of the history and genealogies of her people. She was also awarded NAIDOC Female Elder of the Year 2011)