Feb 2009

On Saturday 7th February a group of us gathered to commence construction of the centre circle of the quilt. We began our day by walking a labyrinth at St Margaret’s Anglican Church in Eltham. It was actually during the walking of a labyrinth that this project emerged so I felt it would be great to return.

We then proceeded to Montsalvat also in Eltham, where we designed the centre.

Little did we know that a short drive away the horrors of the Black Saturday bushfires were occurring, where so many of our community lost their homes and their lives.

We will never forget that day. The heat was intense. The loss was great. Our hearts were overcome with grief.

The duality of our Mother Earth could not have been more evident than on that day.

A special thank-you to Diane, Gayleen and Elizabeth who came from Adelaide for this weekend and to Deb and Ange – together we brought together what we feel is the essence required for the centre of this project.
Many thanks also to Karen who has offered to paint the first stage of the centre circle.
And many thanks to the women who have already commenced construction of the female dolls who will hold the centre space.